Sweet Sweet cisheteronormative respectablity politics of my childhood.

What type of boy was I suppose to be?

What type of man was I suppose to be?

All my Childhood, All my teens.

I was told to be a miserable concept of what is consider to be essential to Black manhood.

Now, I am considering what type of self,

What type of N word with the soft a

I am suppose to be… On My own terms.

When I walk down the street of a Big city with Big femme hoops.

When I walked fiercely down the avenue with lipstick on my lips in my hometown.

I am the kind of Black man, I consider myself to be.



“what do you see me as ?” painting by the Author himself.

Queerness is Black culture.

Queerness influence Black culture.

Without the faggots, you wouldn’t be talking about shade and you wouldn’t even know the context of reading.

We bring the drip to the beat and you can’t stop dis drip, dis beat, dis drip dis beat, dis tea.

It’s a fact without the faggots, shade wouldn’t be in your vocabulary for being contrary.



Based on an experience on Glowlr on how some White people live in there own bubbles.

There have been so many Black Arthur’s.

From athletes and artists.

There so many Black Arthurs in this world, but many who are Queer would like nothing to do with you.



Racism give you anxiety,

It’s makes you assume the worst, even in the most reasonable circumstances.

It’s the anxiety that made me a fool at my thesis project.

It’s the anxiety that made me assume the landlord of the guy, I was dating; was profiling me.

made her felt bad.

That Becky back in the Lou who was on the news, aka the Individual as her ex refer to them.

It’s trigger that thoughts.

It’s even had extended in other spaces.

I tell myself, “ I am overrating”,

Maybe, but it’s comes from somewhere.

I let this vibe rock my anxiety to sleep.



THOT Painter’s poetry hour

THOT Painter’s poetry hour

This is a written expression of a Black Queer Experience and thoughts of Arthur Sangster who is a BFA graduate of Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.